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DeaneWelcome to the online site of H. Deane Dozier, Certified Scorer and Coder of the Adult Attachment Interview (AAI), Reflective Functioning (RF), and Strange Situation Procedure. Contact Deane to discuss how she might assist you in your project utilizing the AAI, RF and ABC classifications on the Strange Situation Procedure.


Deane earned her BS degree from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in Physical Education and Health, did post graduate work in the field of public health at the University of Vermont, She received her certification as a "highly qualified" coder of the Adult Attachment Interview from Dr. Mary Main at the University of California, Berkeley, in 2006, and she attended a workshop on advanced AAI coding with Drs. Mary Main and Erik Hesse in 2010. She received her certification as a reliable coder of Reflective Functioning from Dr. Howard Steele at The New School for Social Research in New York City in March, 2016.  She became certified to code the Strange Situation Procedure after attending a two-week course in June of 2017 at the University of Minnesota with Dr. Alan Sroufe, Dr. Elizabeth Carlson and Robert Weigand. Deane is also a web designer, author of guidebooks on the Virginia outdoors (as Deane Winegar), a wildlife photographer, a former nationally rated basketball and volleyball official, and a former journalist with the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Charlottesville Daily Progress and Waynesboro News-Virginian. See her website at

She has gained experience by coding over 2,500 AAI transcriptions for research projects at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Yale University in Connecticut, Harvard Medical School in Massachusetts, the University of Washington in Seattle, San Diego State University in California, Palo Alto University in California, the University of Delaware, the University of Texas, Rice University in Texas, Walden University in Minnesota, Virginia Tech, Pace University in New York, Fielding Graduate University in California, Trinity Western University in British Columbia, Canada, Castlewood Treatment Center for Eating Disorders in Missouri, the University of Notre Dame in Australia, for clinical psychologists in private practice (especially in the Boston area), for the therapist and teacher who founded Mettagroup in Los Angeles, for an Audible project in the UK, and for other studies.  Deane has trained AAI interviewers for large studies at Johns Hopkins University and Rice University, for many projects at University of Delaware, for a project at Duke University in North Carolina, for research at Liberty University in Virginia, and for a project in Sydney, Australia.

Interviewing Assistance

Interviewing according to Dr. Main's "Adult Attachment Interview Protocol" is crucial to producing transcripts with reliable information. Deane can review your transcripts and assist you and your team refine your interviewing skills. She also provides documents on the Client page of this website with guidance related to areas that can be problematic and links to Mary Main's "Avoiding Common Errors" pdf file.


Client Page

  • Interviewing Suggestions
  • Transcribing Help
  • Interpreting Scoresheets
  • Link to AAI Protocol
    by Mary Main
  • Link to Avoiding Common Errors (MM)

Feedback from Researchers and Therapists

  • "I have given you the majority of the work because you are very fast and your coding sheets are meticulously detailed with exceptionally informative notes. I just love the quality of your work. The extra bonus is that you are a pleasure to work with."
  • "With your amazing turn-around time, we are ahead of schedule on the AAI analyses. We cannot thank you enough."
  • "I have never seen anyone code transcripts with as much care and thought as Deane. The coder's notes she attaches provide a compelling narrative of the issues involved. I couldn't recommend her more highly."
  • "Most coders don't include this elaboration since it is often for research, but for a clinical population, this is a wonderful resource."
  • "I just met with my client and spoke with him about the AAI findings.  It all resonated deeply with him, and he felt quite seen and encouraged."