Adult Attachment Interview – Transcription Rules

A Supplement for Transcribers


A.) Who is speaking?

Interviewer – bold (bold and underlined if asking a question)

Respondent is not bolded

B.)  Little interjections, speaking on top of each other.- use parenthesis and italics

Example #1– Interviewer is speaking and respondent interjects:

Okay.  So, today I am going to be interviewing you about your childhood (mhmm) and how those experiences may have affected your adult personality.

Example #2- Respondent is talking and interviewer interjects (more common):

I don’t know much about my other real family, (okay) so I can't really talk about that, but I can talk about the family I was with. (Yeah)  Um, I can probably remember until I was probably like, what, 6 years old. (Mhmm)  My mom that raised me, she was a very- she had 3 kids of her own, so she was a very loving woman.

*Remember to use capitalization where appropriate.

C.)  Interviewer or Respondent cut off one another when speaking – use //

Example #1:  Respondent cuts off interviewer (more common):

Um, did you see um much of your grandparents when//

//no. I never knew my grandparents.  I never knew none of my real family.

Example #2:  Interviewer cuts off respondent:

I can’t remember my exact age, I might have been when I was around 20 or//

//can you think of a time when you were maybe between the ages of 5 to 12?

D.)  Emotions or events occurring in background- put in brackets {{ }}


{{laughs}}, {{begins to cry}}, {{stops to answer phone}}, {{yells at child for crying}}, etc.

E.)  If respondent pauses, keep track of time in seconds using 2 periods (. .) followed brackets {{ }} with duration of pause. 


Um. . {{5 seconds}} the only time I can think of was when I was about 14 probably.

F.)  Names – No names should be used, instead use coding in brackets {{ }}


{{Child 1}} – name of first child

{{Husband}} – respondent’s husband’s name

{{Aunt 2}} – name of 2nd aunt mentioned during interview


***Majority of proper nouns and specifics should not be used

i.e. – addresses {{gives address}}

street intersections {{names streets}}

hospitals {{hospital}}

cities/towns {{city 1}}

States are okay to use

G.) Inaudibles – state time and duration of inaudible word/words.  Highlight so it’s easy for someone to find it later.  Okay to put reason for inaudible.


{{4:26 next three words inaudible}}

{{13:24 end of sentence inaudible due to sirens in background}}


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